Friday, January 22, 2010

Help Messages and Indian Girl in New York

Few messages that I have had in terms of help.

A girl married an Indian American born after meeting on a chat site ( for heavens sake! ) and raised here, and reached USA, 2 years ago... had a tiff and returned back to Bangalore few months ago.

Now she lands back, in the tickets paid by her in laws and demands a divorce. No reasons given. They sent her back to complete her education it seems!

Now she wants to split and marry someone else! But wants to move out of that guys life... and hang on till the GC gets permanent.

My question was, did she get the poor guy, just to come to USA? May be that guy fell for looks? Now that girl stays in NWC, begging around all the Indians, to support her cause. Heard that, a free lawyer had asked for her to be paid monthly maintenance, from her in-laws ( the guy is still studying and not earning! ). Good Lord!

Guys in USA and Gals in India, this is not the way to have a married life for the sake of coming to live here with hidden agenda.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Krisha has arrived

By God's grace and all wishes, I have attained motherhood at 40.

My girl baby arrived on earth before the new year! Dec 31st, 2009 @ 10.30 PM. It was a normal delivery! Now I understand what pain, what my mother went thru....

Thanks for all the wishes! I may not have approved all messages! So sorry!

Thanks to Raju for the post சற்றுமுன் கிடைத்த செய்தி: திவ்யாவிற்கு க்ரிஷா the Tamil diaspora, came to know.

My family is very Orthodox on both sides and no pictures yet! ( I posted something that I got online... Cute though... )

Krisha ( we chose, such that we can call her Kris, the American way. Also it sounds Indian way too! ) was weighing good! 9+ pounds and 22 inches long. Looks like she might become taller like papa. He was very happy and stunned, when he uttered the first cry! I was on epidural, in the spine...

Now that kid has come out of jaundice ( usual! ) she gets good sleep. Wakes up intermittently. The child bearing and rearing is a full time job! Thanks to God that I have my mother, sister and in-laws by my side.

The winter has been harsh, the renovation work in Delaware house is also going on as Joe is expected to work in DC... so life is busy!