Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow and New York

I wish I was in Coimbatore or Mumbai or Chennai , such is the cold over here at New York.

Long trip, for a week is over now.

Wind and Cold, with snow. Long winter on cards!

Just heard the Senate passing the 829 Billion$ bill as a stimulus package. President Obama would sign the bill soon.

Now the New York businesses, would try to get a pie of the chunk allocated and the senior executives would be willing to write big bonus checks to themselves.

I hope the million jobs that were lost due to the downtrend, comes alive.


I had a quick trip to India, over the weekend from Singapore, before heading back to New York via Dubai.

I visited temples and a wedding. Glad to be with parents and sisters family for a short while.

Parents would be joining me here during April, when sisters family comes here for a Indian Summer vacation stay.


Vinitha said...

Hi Divya, It was nice talking to you at Coimbatore. Keep in touch. ;:-)

Mohanasundaram said...

Hello Akka,

I would like to find one alliance there in New York.

Here is my matrimonial profile.

Please publish this comment.

- வேளராசி

Raju said...

Looks like you are running matrimonial service! :-)