Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Six Tamils shot dead at Santa Clara

Six Tamils shot dead at Santa Clara ... very very sad news... May the dead souls RIP.

The guy Devarajan of Nilgiris (perpetrator) who killed himself after shooting six ( his wife Aaba, kids Akil and Neha, Aaba's brother Asokan , Asokan's wife Suchitra, and their 11 month old kid ). Now Aaba is battling for her life. I hope she survives.

There is one Tamil post by my friend Vinitha....

தமிழர்கள் சுட்டுக் கொலை

Such cowardly acts in USA are becoming so common. May be the points Vinitha mentioned are some of the real causes.

You cannot have everything in the world.

Only talented survive in the USA. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, you gotta be smarter too!

Relatives and friends living in India, has to learn to be content.

Also beyong a point, money is not everything.


Ramesh said...

Something gets into heads of NRIs and they despise family values.

If it is property dispute, they have to have senses to share it, whatever their current state is and accept gifts if given. Nothing to be asked.

Sasirekha Ramachandran said...

//money is not everything//

yes.u r right...