Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stupid Writing

I have been pondering about my stupid writing ;-) for all along folks. Since September 21st, 2008 when Ramesh helped me to get this blog thing going, I thought with my very limited knowledge in Tamil I can write something and keep it as my only personal space, without forgetting the language. Mostly I wanted to write in Tamil and occasionally scribble in English.

I have made few friends all along the way.

Helped a few in terms of mental peace and monetary help.

Yes stupid writing did take care of one lady from Coimbatore under some sexual harassment duress.

I have been following many of you who have been so fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to emphasize the sepulchral demonic comments, to the core of the bottom of you heart, that sinks the noblest, in the connection of the belly button way, that is bestowed upon by the Supreme.

Well wont I stop these stupid writings?

Note - there is a guy from Bensenville, Illinois, United States stalking me on this blog, making some irresponsible comments, inspite of me warning in the home page on the top of the blog. The IP address has been logged and I have passed on to the authorities here in New York. I can expect the person to be arrested in the next 24 hours.

So long dude, celebrate New year in the penitentiary!

Illinois and this mafiatic corruption attitude... unimaginable!

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