Friday, October 24, 2008

My travel update

Please refer this post on Miami....மயாமி

Lots of people have asked me whether I took 2 flights or one... well if it matters for you..

I had dinner with Bhanu and her kids at her home, walked in the beach for sometime, and the limo driver dropped me in the Miami Airport at 3 PM.

Yes, that airlines was kind enough to put me onto 4.25 PM flight!

I was able get another round trip voucher as expected! This happens all the time, if you travel alone, and can plan it right!

Joe was very happy to receive me early at 7.30 in La Gaurdia Airport. Very close to home, can reach in less than 30 minutes!

We had dinner on the way... Korean Restaurant and .... that was the reason I wrote the other blogpost... சியோலில் கிம்ச்சி சூப்


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//Certain bastards don't understand that they were born for one! //

As Ramesh requested, I have moved the above statement to a general post!

I hope that link is removed.

Thanks Mr Shankar Bidari.