Friday, October 17, 2008

Eating Competition

Here my friend Ramesh has given a detail on what he read about a Phily guy, eating a 20 pounder Cheeseburger under 5 hours.

சாப்பாட்டு ராமன்

The max record myself and Joe have done is eating 12 cheese pizza's at a party!
12 cans of Coke included!

That was a challenge thrown at his work, five years ago. In Florida, during Spring, after a heavy swim session, we were so famished for food.

There was a group of 20 individuals. So they ordered 20 Cheese pizzas. Joe didn't know that day, Papa John's had an offer of buy one get two free, with no coupons! If I remember correct, there was a game going on that day... and such offers come in!
Papa John's Pizza
60 large pizza boxes. 60 cans of coke.

A big pickup truck came to deliver. All were wondering. So the competition was set. 30 minutes and max 20 pizzas to be eaten and only 12 coke cans allowed.

Since Joe ordered it, it was his turn to start, and we as a couple were asked to go for it.

It was like 1 PM, and after all the games at the beach, we went for it!

Non stop munching and cheers! Equal hit! We did it in 28 minutes. Not even a crumb!

The prize for the day, we didn't have to pay for those pizza's. ;-0

Later we going around for Digene, is another story! The next day, in my life, never ever I have spent that much time in toilet to defecate!


Ramesh said...

All Right!

20 pizzas at 1 pound each works to 20 pds and you have made that guys record at Phily look small in 30 minutes... even @ half and half!

சின்மயி said...

நல்லா எழுதுறீங்க திவ்யா!