Thursday, October 9, 2008

Investments, Jobs and USA

Let me explain about Investments, Jobs and USA..

Thanks for the question by one reader of this blog. I dont wish to answer like this regularly.

He was inquiring about the answers on involving with USA market.

I will tell in an analyst way.

If you have the guts and risk taking mentality and "A FALLBACK OPTION", go ahead.

Make sure, you have something back at home. Here I mean, if things don't work out with USA, you should be able to go back to India (other countries too, as I have some other countries readers) and lead a decent life again.

Wishing you the best of luck! (It applies to other advice seekers too... like jobs, H1 etc)

At least I have seen in last 17 years that no Indian helps other here.

If your friend is good take it easy, and try! (go for it!)

I personally don't deal with Petrol products, my limit is more of financial nature. Loan on loans.

But, let me check and let you know.

As of my investment interest, petrol has a vicious spin cycle. You cannot judge the troughs and peaks. Controlled by OPEC.

Look at Anil Ambani, where he is investing. Take a cue!

Right now he is keen on fashion, movies. His brother invests in contrary investments. Gas to Fertiliser. Profit in a long run. So the stock tanks. I cannot talk more about that group as I am a paid adviser for Indian clients, groups.

Also some friends from Tirupur take credit on the LC from bigger companies, issued against Hosiery orders, Now the bank has to be involved to collect, there comes the guarantee. You can involved yourself to have some contract like this. Pricol, Coimbatore had a failure in delivery and lost millions and thanks to that German company to bail out. Now they are into real estate. Ramesh was helping them.

Now some inputs from a friend on investing and dealing with Petro products related with USA. (certain things may apply to all countries, except India & countries where it is regulated by Government.)

* You have to ensure the creditworthiness of the paying party (networth)
* Insure the products all the way to delivery point
* Hedge against the delivery value. (Currency or alternate commodity option)
* Don't depend upon one single client
* Spread the risks
* Avoid Last Quarter Marketing. (Oct to Dec)
* Watch the cues from the Asian markets
* Petro products flow would be directly linked with African Output
* Watch for OPEC news
* Look at Natural Gas flow and Unconventional Fuel market
* Auto Industry products (like lube etc, have dominance from Europe, Japan)
* Europe would be an alternate market than USA
* China is also improving and gaining focus (Note the Japanese imports from China)
* Wait till there is clarity from the new President (Obama)
* Finally note that nothing is permanent in USA

Also check some reports like these...Petroleum Marketing Monthly. Kline group etc. Gives a very good view.

I wish not to comment on education route to USA. Lots of readers are asking. That is just an option to enter USA. Note that only a "successful" talent is respected in USA. Whatever the situation. Otherwise "YOU ARE FIRED!".

Good luck to all!


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